Tiny Assets

95+ leads in 90 days at
less than $19.90 per lead

How we helped a local “tiny house” startup
market on facebook and generate potential
investors to visit their showroom.

Ongoing work involved:

– Facebook ads
– Landing pages
– Community management

The Challenge

Tiny Asset is a startup that consists of their founders who built the house and manage the business aspects of the company like sales and operations.

They wanted to advertise on facebook to generate more interest to their showroom but they didn’t have an in-house marketing team to help them do it. They found us and we were able to design, create and manage the whole campaign for them.

The Solution

Our team went through an in-depth scoping (which comprises of research and interviewing the company) and understanding of their product and industry.

We then proposed and designed a few angles to run and test based on the findings.

We built a customized landing page and ran facebook ads to drive interest and sign ups to view their showroom.

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