Running an agency means I have to take very complicated processes and explain it into simple layman terms for my clients.

One of the most frequent questions asked was how they can consistently generate leads from Facebook, especially when they’ve been taken for a ride even by other agencies.

Typically, for almost any industry. you’ll need to observe these 5 Steps

ONE: Target Market

Most companies try to wing this, but this is important to get it right. The biggest mistake made is that companies chooses the target market that they would like to have, not the ones that’s already proven to convert.

Let’s take an insurance retirement product as a reference. I’ve met with countless insurance planners who would like to sell retirement products to 25 year olds. No young adults in their mid-20s actually plan for their retirement. In their mind, they would be thinking about having fun, about buying their next gadget, next travel destination, etc.

Anything but: Hmmm… Do I have enough for my retirement.

The correct target audience would at least be 35, or perhaps 40, year olds, married with children. They would be then worrying about retirement, about having enough for their children’s education when they grow up.

TWO: The Offer

After you get the target market nailed down, look at what is the perfect offer. Let’s take the retirement products again. How are you selling your product to them?

  1. perceived value is greater than the price
  2. low barrier of entry (preferred)

A lot of people get confused over offering cheap deals. In this scenario, the $38 offer was just to lower the barrier of entry. Everything else about the landing page was to address the issues of the target audience and then to sell the benefits of the session.

THREE: Traffic Platforms

  • there’s so much platforms, which to choose?
  • More is not better. Less is more.
  • Facebook and Google’s revenue more than all offline media companies in the world combined
  • So focus

There are plenty of places right now that you can purchase traffic from. I do find it interesting that just 10 years ago, you simply cannot spend $1,000,000 per day on targeted traffic. You simply can’t. Not even newspaper allows you to. It’s just not feasible.

Before you get shocked over the million dollars, it’s about measurable success. I know some underground marketers who spends this much and still get positive returns every single day. Yeah, insane. I know.

But back to topic. Should we choose every platforms out there to run ads to? Facebook, Google, Instagram, Taboola, LinkedIn, Website banners, Solo ads in other people’s mailing list, etc…

I would recommend: Less is More.

Master one traffic source before moving onto the next, instead of spending the next 3 years testing everything conceivable and end up burnt, before you master one.

This is why I would recommend either Facebook or Google. Did you know that the revenue of Facebook and Google combined is more than all the offline media companies in the world combined? Same goes to their outreach. No other companies come close to the amount of reach that you can tap into.

So if you have only one or two platforms to start from, go with Facebook or Google. You can’t be wrong.

Focus is key.

FOUR: Landing Pages

Too many people make the mistakes of running paid traffic to websites, instead of landing pages. But why is this a bad thing? It’s because a website gives the visitor too many options to steer away from the original intent, which is to sign up for your offer.

Just image when you run paid traffic to the $38 chiropractor offer and when they land on your website, they get distracted over a ton of unrelated information available. The more they click on the website, the further they move from your initial offer. Thus in most cases, you lose a lead, simply because of this.

Thus, go with landing pages. we personally use to build as we like to fully customize the landing pages. This however takes a longer time to master and you’ll need great design skills to make it look good.

There are other options such as leadpages or clickfunnels, they are great.

FIVE: Optimization

This is a topic that can take days and days to explain but I’ll try to keep it short here. When you run ads, keep everything straight forward.

Be clear of your target audience, offer, landing pages and ad copy.

If your ad has very little engagement, change the images and/or headlines

If your ad has very little click thru to landing page, change the call-to-action

If your landing page has low conversions, increase the ‘credibility’ section, or make the message clearer. This however may mean that the offer is wrong.

In summary, you really need to test many many things, but keep things short and simple in the beginning, so that it’s easier for you to figure out what went wrong.

Till the next article!


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