Real Estate Agents Case Studies

1456 New Launch leads in 1 Year at $9.40 per lead
(… and more cases)

Work Involved

– Defining GTA
– Generating Leads for New Launch
– Generating Leads for Asset Progression
– Trust and Brand Building
– Retargeting to nurture lists

The Challenge

Real estate agents have it rough, with close to 40,000 other competition and the only 3 things you can do to a property is to buy, sell, or rent. Helping each agent set themselves apart is always the biggest challenge.

Asset progression ads such as sell 1, buy 2 with just $6000 has been used to the death and it’s a buyers market now, making appointment setting the biggest challenge any agent can have.

Our Solution

All real estate clients follow our L.E.A.D.S. framework to help them generate more leads, appointment and sales, namely

  • L.eads
  • E.xposure
  • A.uthority
  • D.ifferentiation
  • S.ales


We focus on short term gains by running campaigns that generate leads for new launches, asset progression and even buyers viewing for our client’s listings.


We run ads that helps build trust and credibility over a period of time with the agent.


Being challenged as the expert is key. We all pay top dollars to consultants to help us with our problems and this is the same level that we want our clients to be at


Since any prospect easily opt in to many ads, they will be speaking to at least 5 agents. So instead of being classified as ‘just another agent’, we help our clients to be different, to give value and ultimately build trust with their prospects


We train our clients with out followup sequences thru SMS, WhatsApp and/or emails to know which prospects are just shopping around and should be dropped off active followup, or know which are the ones that should be kept close as they are ready to buy


Ultimately, we run ads to get leads for new launch projects in a matter of days, but and spend the rest of the time to build trust and credibility. So that when prospects call our clients, the conversation :

“Hey #AgentName, I’ve been following you for months and I like what you do and can you help me sell my place?”

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