Through years of running a digital marketing agency, I get asked this question a lot.

Mostly about getting leads from Facebook, since they’ve been burnt numerous times through their own attempts or getting other agencies to do so.

Here’s some dos & don’t on running lead gen campaigns on Facebook.


First thing first, asking people to share your post in order to get an entry is NOT allowed, you’re actually violating the policies. But you can get likes and comments for them to entry.

However. I would advise against doing this, if your objective is to do lead gen. Why do I say this?

Let me ask you this question. Are you able to easily contact all the ‘entries’ after the campaign is over?

The answer is no. You definitely have to PM each and every person if you decided to contact them again.

So for most business owners, this is an extremely time ineffective method. What you should be doing instead is to setup a simple landing page, or even a Facebook lead ad, so that you’re actually collecting user information, such as email or phone number to enter the contest.


I was running a 2 months giveaway campaign for my client who sells bean-sprout-husk baby pillow. Their target audience are parents with new born babies.

Previously, they were doing the usual like,share,comment giveaways. Plenty of traction, but it always dies off quickly and they have to repeat the same process.

What I did for them was just tweaking the process. In order to enter the giveaway, they would have to enter

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone
  4. Mailing Address

Why do we collect the mailing address? So that the winner can be mailed the gift if they win.

What are the results?

We did about 1000 entries in just under 2 months. Mind you, these are not likes and shares, these are targeted parents, with even their mailing address collected.

How much did we spend per lead? 50 cents.

Just imagine you doing similar campaigns and end up with 10,000 prospects within the year? How well would that do for your business? Pretty darn well I assume.

Now, here’s the thing. I wouldn’t recommend unrelated giveaways. Companies often do products that are unrelated, for example iPads, iPhones, really cool tech gadgets or even a vacation to the Bahamas.

Let’s evaluate why this isn’t a good idea by re using the previous example where the target audience are “Parents with new born babies”.

Would giving away iPads attract them? Definitely. But would you also attract a 20 year old single techie who wants that iPad. Definitely.

But what if you give away their own products, as they are meant for parents already? The parents would definitely be interested, but the 20 year old? Nope. So now, instead of attracting anyone under the sun, you now have a clear target.

Just take note though, giveaways can build a list quick, but the quality is definitely lower.

This however is useful if you’ve got a great brand, or you don’t mind investing a little more time to build the relationship with your prospects.
In essence, getting a good giveaway that goes viral, and can also build higher quality leads really does need to be well thought out.

Till the next article.


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