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Dear friend,

Digital marketing today is imperative in the marketing plans of a business and since most companies do not have a digital marketing team, they have a problem of running effective campaigns.

Some companies that managed to hire the single staff to run all their campaigns soon found out that their employee doesn’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to do so. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the “real world” marketing knowledge are not taught in school and more often than not, requires extensive experience.

Another point to note is that it is rare that 1 or 2 staff possesses all the skills necessary to run and manage digital campaigns effectively. These skills include, copywriting, design, programming and ad management on multiple platforms.

Since most of the companies hire digital marketing agencies to help run their campaigns, it is no longer good enough to run sub-par campaigns on their own when going up against these experts.

Cost effectiveness is also a key here as it often cost less to hire an agency compared to hiring a marketing staff (let alone a team).

A lot of agencies only focus on driving traffic to client websites but fail to focus on the whole funnel. This affects conversion rates and overall longevity of the campaigns.

We on the other-hand plan and design the whole funnel and help our client implement it every step of the way.

At Leads Global we focus on long term measurable results for all our clients. And since we have experience marketing across different countries and industries, we are able to come up with effective marketing funnels.

Let’s have a chat to see how we can work together, cheers!


Nicholas Foo
CEO & Facebook Expert

Founder Nicholas Foo and Aloysius Nge started
digital marketing since 2006 and have
amassed over 24 years of experience combined.

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